Tuesday, July 16, 2013

shop assistants

'You haven't thought about this, have you?' my sister asked me when I told her the story about my and Hugo's visit at the florist's. I must admit I'm quite fond of shopping, true it does depend on the items I need to buy, but in general as long as I can afford it, why not?

A few days ago we went with Hugo to one of the florist's to buy some plants and shrubs for our garden. As usual, we were using English and Hugo was asking his favorite question: Mommy what is it? pointing at the same time at various plants, flowers and bushes. Patiently, as much as I was able to explain I gave him the names of the plants. The shop assistants were so astonished hearing English in their shop that they were even afraid to approach us and serve us. Their 'dance' around us lasted about 10 minutes before finally, I asked one of them if we could be served. Seeing him relived that I spoke Polish made me laugh inside but I showed now signs of being amused. We bought what we wanted and left.
Once I told my sister about this she grinned and said: You haven't thought about it that the shop assistants might be afraid of serving you due to their lack of knowledge of English, have you? 
Indeed, I haven't thought about that yet at least our son will never be one of those afraid to speak English and that is going to be his huge advantage over others;) 

Monday, July 15, 2013

long time no write;)

I didn't realize that it has been so long since I last visited my blog, but I was extremely busy finishing my exam session-passed everything luckily-and course groups in our language school.

But now I'm back hoping to be writing more;)
So much to write that I don't know where to begin...
Hugo speaks in two languages this is a fact and he can distinguish between them which is awesome and in some situations he is even trying to translate simple things into English to me when for example his granny says something in Polish. His grasp is English is so instinctive that when he sees me enter the house he runs to the door and say: Mommy, Hugo drinking juice or Mommy Hugo building a very high chimney. Then a big grin appears on my face and I say: Yes, I can seem my sonny, you are building a very high chimney.
Though he still has the problem understanding that the pronoun I refers to the person speaking, he has no problems communicating his needs and wishes by saying Hugo needs an umbrella it's raining or Hugo wants to drink something similar. 
What's even more amazing is that he can finish the lines of many bedtime stories that I have been reading to him and paradoxically not having a book read is also a kind of punishment for him. So far I have done that twice-sent him to bed without a bedtime story or talking about the pictures in the books and the first time I did that he even began to cry. Frankly speaking, it made me feel terrible, but I knew I had to be strong. He's too small to comprehend some situations yet he understood it perfectly since when I put him to bed he called for the books but I said: Sorry sonny, no books today cos you have been naughty. Then he replied: Hugo not pick up the building blocks In fact this was exactly what I wanted to teach him-to pick up his building blocks and put them in a book before bedtime.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

thank you very much

Since the very beginning I've been trying to teach Hugo various polite phrases so that he could behave politely while with others. So letting him through the front, bathroom or any other doors I always said: After you and showed him the way, he learned what it meant very quickly and then tried to repeat it and said: A too too or something similar; though it wasn't what the original phrase was the melody and the number of syllables was the same. Today, for the first time he pronounced it correctly and I was so proud, cos the months of repetition proved effective.
What's more, whenever I give him something I say: Here you are, sonny and again he replies: Hie ya ya and I say: Thank you very much. Of course there are moments when he forgets about the phrases or mispronounces them but recently without any encouragement he uttered the words in the proper context and perfectly; I hope he'll remember that forever, I'd love to have a well-behaved sonny;) 

Thursday, May 9, 2013


We had always wanted to show Hugo the zoo in Dwór Kralowe in Czech Republic as we reckon it's the best zoo in this part of Europe. That's way, we took the opportunity to go there during the long weekend in May. At first I was a bit apprehensive of the long trip-it takes about 3 h 30 min from our place of living and then of the huge zoo area to cover.
Hugo, however, surprised as a lot because he was a completely tireless boy and only wanted to walk, refused to use the stroller and clung to the railings or bars to stay close to the animals.
What's more, he imitated the sounds of the animals he knows from The Animal Sound song. Mommy, look elephant-parroooo, lion roar... it was like music to my ears;)
I look forward to another trips;)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today is a big day for Hugo-the day of his first visit at the dentist. We are a bit apprehensive about that, but it wasn't so bad. I was positively surprised that we didn't need to wait very long for the visit. Last week we called and made an appointment for today.
Poor Hugo had no idea what to expect, so he was quite cheerful beforehand. Even when we entered he looked OK, but the moment the dentist put her finger into his mouth he started to wriggle and cry a little bit. However, the dentist's assistant had a great idea to give him a sticker which said; Brave patient;) and it calmed him down a bit.

Form the dentist we needed to go to the registry office to pick up his ID which is needed to take him abroad. All the way there, I was explaining to him why we were going there and he remembered it so well that when we entered the registry office he said: Good morning! pick up ID;)

The clerk was so surprised that she asked me in what language he was speaking, since she knew from the ID that his nationality was Polish;)
So far the day has been so eventful that he's been sleeping for over 2 hours;)

Friday, April 26, 2013

slow down

Kids learn at the speed of light; all those who disapprove of reading books to kids from day one are really missing the point. They don't realize that children learn with every minute of their life-24/7- even when they sleep-this is the moment to file everything that they have experienced during the day.
Talking to children in a logical way and explaining daily activities gives kids lots of input for the future and you will never know when they will use it and one day you''ll be taken aback.

Just as I was today when I was taking my mother-in-law back home. Hugo was sitting at the back enjoying naming the objects around him and counting to 9 all the cars passing by. When he got to nine, he started right from the beginning-from one. Out of the blue, I had to brake because of the car in front of me and then Hugo said: Mommy, slow down!
I don't remember in what situation he heard this phrase and when, but I know that he used it in the right context. Probably, during one of our trips together, I must have said that I was slowing down, because when we travel together I always turn off the radio and talk to Hugo, describe the actions and the world around and he learns and learns, records and remembers;) amazing;)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday afternoon together

Hugo's creativity is unlimited and amazing. He's able to transfer the knowledge he has into really various situations. Today we went out to church and for hot wafers to our favorite cafe. It's in the center of Leszno, in the town square, on the corner, and it's really friendly for children. A high chair for kids is a standard and the menu is also varied so they cater to all tastes.
But that's not what I want to write about. Having eaten our hot wafers, we left the place and walked around the square holding hands-I love strolling like this with our sonny. He looks around and names things around, like benches, birds and clocks. In the middle of the square there is an old town hall with a tower and a clock. Obviously, Hugo noticed that and said: Mommy, clock, tick tock. I confirmed and then he continued: Mommy, butterfly on the tower. At first, I couldn't comprehend what he was saying and asked him to repeat, so he said again: Tower, butterfly there is. I looked up and then realized that he meant the EAGLE on the tower-the symbol of our country. He just compared it to the butterflies form his children's book.
Day by day I discover, or at least try to, how he perceives the world around and I do believe that at this age the brain is like a sponge, and at some point, we, as humans, lose this ability forever, unfortunately